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    What to expect

    Depending on the type of session booked, here are some pointers.


    Please download the Ahkia Institute app to access your online courses. In person or remote courses are also managed in the Ahkia Institute app.

    Akashic records reading

    You may choose to prepare a set of questions you would like to ask your recordkeepers and guides. Anything goes, but generally, questions that are more helpful to you would be questions that support your growth and experience.

    If you have a close family member (uncle or cousin) with the same legal name as you, please let your Akashic records reader know what would be your unique identifying nickname.

    Keep your arms and legs and uncrossed during the session. Please be respectful and let the reader help your recordkeepers and guides finish answering each question with a pause before asking for clarification or moving on to the next question.

    Sometimes the message comes in slowly. Have patience and treat the experience with love.

    The reader is not conducting a psychic reading, so will refrain from interjecting personal comments about your situation, unless the reader was suggested by your recordkeepers and guides to share the reader’s own knowledge and experience.

    Financial counseling

    For introductory sessions, you may choose to come prepared with a list of goals you have in mind. Be specific with dollar amount and timing if you can. If you are seeking general advice, that is fine too to come without preparing specific information, but do think about your challenges and provide examples. Tell your story first.

    For more advanced sessions, bring your financial statements, company presentations, or other concrete issues you wish to discuss.